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Zhayra is passionate about helping people step into their power.
A really big part of this is to help them re-connect with their joy. From the embodiment of joy, people are able to open their hearts, expand their creativity and step into their power.
Zhayra leads her clients through a series of processes to release resistance, increase awareness, heal and be joyful. Through a series of thought provoking prompts, she helps her client get to the root of the issue and customizes the healing to meet her client’s individual and unique needs.
Zhayra draws from a wide range of modalities. Zhayra is very active in her community hosting group events. She has extensive experience leading people through Guided Meditations, and Sound Baths to facilitate healing in groups or private sessions. Zhayra is a Reiki Master, uses Modern Shamanic Energy Clearing Techniques, Pendulum Energy Clearing Method as used in Chinese Medicine, Light Therapy with the use of Sacred Geometry (el Metodo Atlante), and Sound Healing with singing crystal bowls.


Self-Worth & Love

Authentic Relationships

Peace and Joy


Life of Balance and Harmony

*Transcending Fear, Anxiety & Stress

*Releasing Resentment

Compassion for yourself and other

Setting Healthy Boundaries

 Empowering the Empath in You


I am the Lock,

I am the Key,

I have the answers

WithIN ME.

~ Zhayra Escobar

Energy Healing & Remote Distance Healing , How It Works and Its  Benefits


Energy Healing is an art. It takes years of learning and practice.  In simple terms, energy healing frequencies are projected from one person to another, during both in person or distance (remote) healing.  The term ” Quantum Healing” is used because when the energy is being projected from one being to another, it exists in a quantum state in both people at the same time.  Quantum states and quantum entanglements take deep intent, focus, experience and knowledge.  
 Through energy healing, we are able to help shift the frequency and flow within the human body, and stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
Healing  (both in person and Remote) are non-linear.  I am able to meditate and tap into my client’s energy field.  I can access parts of the unconscious mind that need to be healed, such as unconscious beliefs to help him or her break those patterns.
Our bodies are made of atoms, and all atoms emit frequency / electromagnetic waves.  When our physical body is healthy, it emits a harmonious frequency, allowing communication of information from one cell to another on a symbiotic level.  
When we are not healthy and frequencies in the body are disrupted, the atoms emit inconsistent wavelengths of energy.  This can cause a mutation in the cells.  This can then leave cells vulnerable.  The cells of the body, if afflicted with disease, are not vibrating in unison with each other and cannot communicate. This can be caused by internal or external factors.


Our environment and how we perceive it
When we have stress
When we have conflict within ourselves
When we have Conflict with those around us
We create conflict and disruption within our own bodies, causing our cells to move out of sync with each other.
We must remember our body is pure energy.
Western Medicine is beginning to learn about the flow of energy within the body, even though physicians have been using it diagnostically for years.  For instance, an EEG measures the electrical activity of your brain cells, and an EKG measures your heart’s electrical activity.  A sonogram sends sound waves throughout your body. 
IT is important to be aware that skin, tissues, bones, organs, etc., have their own vibrational frequency, the sound wave frequency vibrates off all the other frequencies and forms a picture.
Professional Energy healing work, when carried out by a professional and experienced healer, can have a profound effect on the vibrational frequencies of every atom within the body.  It can change the vibrational frequency in your body’s cells in a matter of minutes.  An energy healing attuning the electromagnetic field of the body to help  bring it back into balance.




I have worked with Zhayra a few times now.  I think she is amazing at getting to the core of my issues. She is super compassionate and I feel very comfortable telling her exactly what was happening to me in my life. Even though what I am going through sounds a bit wild, there was no judgment, and she helped me through.  I would highly recommend this lovely lady to anyone looking for healing. – Kimberly G.



Zhayra is an amazing healer with a warm, sweet, intuitive, and spiritual energy. The energy clearing treatment I received, helped me feel, refreshed, alive and helped awaken a natural sense of healing and peace. She has a very unique gift, and every session has been a life changing event that has helped me heal from internal wounds and has helped me live a happier and more meaning life with tranquility and purpose.  —- Isabel A.



Zhayra‘s deep emotional work is both gentle and substantial. She can see and feel right into the core of what’s needed, and after the clearing I felt so much more peaceful and grounded! —Charlene M.



Zhayra’s personality and her ability to master her God given gifts have made her a successful energy worker.  Her ability to conduct an energy clearing is second to none. Her style helps you easily visualize the movement of energy.

Zhayra’s ability to track unwanted energy and to remove energy blocks, then properly dispose of these abnormalities is simply amazing. She was able to help me remove emotional trauma from trust issues from past relationships, she was able clear up unwanted abnormalities in my third eye chakra, and she was able to clear us some stomach issues related to stress.

At the end of your session, you will be relaxed and connected to Mother Nature and her healing energy. Zhayra’s ability to master the movement of energy is an amazing gift! –- Victor C.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Zhayra. I have learned so much from her and have received immense healing from her guided meditations, sound baths and private sessions. Zhayra has a gift. She IS a gift. She can feel your energy and locate places where you need healing that you didn’t realize before. Zhayra is warm, kind, thoughtful, intuitive, inviting, the list goes on. I feel extremely comfortable opening up to Zhayra and allowing her healing techniques to do what needs to be done. I highly recommend Zhayra for any of your meditation and healing desires.
—Tara C


Zhayra is a God sent! She’s an exceptional healer…
She did several clreaings for my mother when she was alive, my mother would always tell me that she would feel so much peace everytime Zhayra would work on her. Zhayra has been helping me through the grief of losing my mother through clearings and Reiki. I’m blessed to have met Zhayra, she is asuch a beautiful soul. I would totally recommend Zhayra 100%.
— Karla Ramirez

At Free Spirit Healing we  believe that when properly applied, energy work can energize any physical body, opening a window of opportunity for the body to heal itself.  We do not make any medical diagnoses: nor will we interfere with any medical treatment.  If you suspect you need medical intervention and attention, please contact your physician.
Meditation and Healing are available as a complement to other treatments which you may be receiving.  We cannot guarantee results, although the majority of our clientele appear to have significant improvements in their lives – spiritually, mentally, and physically.  No medical institution nor healer can guarantee anyone’s health, nor can any treatment guarantee to be successful. 

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