Ins’t it time to FREE your Spirit and Liberate Your Soul?

Zhayra’s sessions are unique and specific to each person’s needs.

Her sessions are a fusion of modalities, traditional reiki healing, Oncology (supplemental), shamanic reiki, 5 element energy  pendulum clearing and sound healing.  The combination of tools enhances the healing sessions, helps to align you with their beneficial qualities and bring balance and attunement to your physical and energetic bodies.  

These tools and techniques will help unravel the root cause of your emotional, spiritual, and psychological imbalances, by bringing those energies to your conscious awareness to actuate your healing. This work will also help clear past-life issues that are affecting you today. By releasing the past, you can create space for the authentic YOU.


Self-Worth & Love

Authentic Relationships

Peace and Joy


Life of Balance and Harmony

*Transcending Fear, Anxiety & Stress

*Releasing Resentment

Compassion for yourself and other

Overcoming a Narcissistic Relationship

Setting Healthy Boundaries

 Empowering the Empath in You


I am the Lock, I am the Key, I have the answers

WithIN ME.

~ Zhayra Escobar

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  • Weekly meditations
  • Chakra clearings
  • Hands On Reiki Healing
  • Removing stagnant energies, blocks, interfering with the flow of your life force or Ka energy,
  • Pendulum Energy Clearing
  • Shamanic Energy Healing
  • Healing Issues with Past Lives
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Inner Child Work
  • Relationships
  • Mirror Work
  • Healing the Wounded Masculine and Feminine Within
  • Empowering the Empath in You
  • Healing Mom and Dad Issues

Offers personal one to one healing sessions, on zoom or in person.
For a complimentary 15 minute consultation, please email:
freespirithealinginfo@gmail.or book a session…

Offerings, Approach and Phylosophy…

   Zhayra is passionate about helping people step into their power, using a variety of modalities varying from shamanic energy clearings, Reiki, and Healing with the Elements using a pendulum (based on Chinese Medicine). Because we are all UNIQUE, she customizes the energy clearing based on the client’s specific needs.  She offers a variety of support systems, to keep the healing process going through community and special events.

    The addition of the breathwork is a part of the process for the clients’ healing. The breath helps bring balance, movement of energy, and grounding. This process helps you feel into your body, allowing you to ease out of the analytic mind, because there is no logic in the unconscious mind, and it is the unconscious mind that is running the show.

    Intentional sound and breathwork helps to move any stagnant energies that are creating blocks in our chakras or auric field, uncovering the pieces that perhaps you have hidden even from yourself.

    Zhayra’s passion for self-transformation, combined with her strong connection to nature and loving empathetic personality has helped her create a space of safety and compassion for her clients’ transformation.

   Her heart’s desire is to help you resolve past issues and overcome traumatic experience by focusing on those triggers that set you off. My mission is to facilitate the healing as profoundly and as quickly as possible, to help you integrate and empower you to feel FREE!

     I will hold a safe and empathetic space for you to release the programs, patterns, traumas, and limitations that have been sabotaging your life and keeping you from moving forward.

     When you make the commitment to change, you will break down the walls of limitation that have kept you from living a more peaceful life, free of suppressed emotions and self-doubt.   Through the healing sessions you will experience a richer and more balanced life…


Zhayra Escobar – Testimonials – Energy Clearings – SA


I have worked with Zhayra a few times now.  I think she is amazing at getting to the core of my issues. She is super compassionate and I feel very comfortable telling her exactly what was happening to me in my life. Even though what I am going through sounds a bit wild, there was no judgment, and she helped me through.  I would highly recommend this lovely lady to anyone looking for healing. – Kimberly G.



Zhayra is an amazing healer with a warm, sweet, intuitive, and spiritual energy. The energy clearing treatment I received, helped me feel, refreshed, alive and helped awaken a natural sense of healing and peace. She has a very unique gift, and every session has been a life changing event that has helped me heal from internal wounds and has helped me live a happier and more meaning life with tranquility and purpose.  —- Isabel A.





Zhayra‘s deep emotional work is both gentle and substantial. She can see and feel right into the core of what’s needed, and after the clearing I felt so much more peaceful and grounded! —Charlene M.



Zhayra’s personality and her ability to master her God given gifts have made her a successful energy worker.  Her ability to conduct an energy clearing is second to none. Her style helps you easily visualize the movement of energy. 

 Zhayra’s ability to track unwanted energy and to remove energy blocks, then properly dispose of these abnormalities is simply amazing. She was able to help me remove emotional trauma from trust issues from past relationships, she was able clear up unwanted abnormalities in my third eye chakra, and she was able to clear us some stomach issues related to stress.  

At the end of your session, you will be relaxed and connected to Mother Nature and her healing energy. Zhayra’s ability to master the movement of energy is an amazing gift! –- Victor C.

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