Energy Clearing

The Energy Clearing Portion of the Healing Practice comes from Modern twist to Ancient Shamanic Practices. Zhayra has developed the skills to help her client through deep emotional energy clearing.
Through a series of prompts, and processes, she is able to help her clients through any number of issues by working with the unconsious mind. She is able to track and have an awareness of what the interference is and where it comes from, releasing energy blocks, breaking patterns, and undesireable energies, moving them quickly out of the body.
With warmth and compassion, Zhayra helps her clients recover those parts of themselves they feel disconnected to. This visionary work allows revival of ancient shamanic soul retrieval for healing any emotional and physical illness, done in a quick and effective way, the method of the modern shaman.
This is also ideal for releasing traumas, Abusive Relationships, Past lives Carryover,
Releasing contracts, cutting cords, and other undesirable and descarnate energies.
Through this modality, we bring you into your power, allowing you to step into your sovereignty.
Zhayra received her certification to be a Spiritual Accelerator after three years of studying and embodying the teaching of this unique modality, bringing an incredible shift in her clients and their healing sessions.