Light Therapy with Sacred Geometry (El Metodo Atlante)

This methodology is a combination of techniques, disciplines, tools, sacred geometry combined with light, to  harmonize the energy in people, animals, plants and spaces (home/ apartment/office). Zhayra is a Certified Light and Sacred Geometry Therapy Facilitator of “El Metodo Atlante” founded in Spain by Jose Migul Arguix Moreno.

What we refer to as a negativity is simply a low frequency energy, something dense, dark and damaging to our life force energy and vitality. Through this method, we can change how things affect us, and be liberated.
This modality is a combination of numerology and quantum physics. In addition, each sacred geometry symbol carries an energy vibration associated with an archangel.  

The red is associated with Archangel Uriel, the Blue is associated with Archangel Michael, the Green Light and sacred geometry symbol is associated with Archangel Rafael. When used in combination with the Atlantean Sacred Geometry, it is truly a connection to the divine, and amazing things begin to shift in the body or space we are harmonizing.

This is a culmination of over 20 years study of the Atlantean technology and Ancient Egyptian Societies by J.M.A. Moreno, writer of “El Anillo Atlante” the Atlantean Ring , founder and designer of  ” El Anillo Atlante” the atlantean ring, thought to be a gift to humanity.  This ring helps to heal and seal the energetic body, protecting it from outside interferences.

With the use of dowsing rods, and other tools, we test and ask the client a series of questions to facilitate the clearing of the energy, and quickly start to shift the energy. Here are a few benefits listed below.

Reminds the body how to heal itself through the combination of Photon Light and Atlantean Sacred Geometry as a quantum accelerator. This process creates a significant shift on a physical, mental, emotional & astral level

Aura Cleanse
Balances your chakras / energy centers in the body
Ancestral lineage healing 

Helps to cut energetic cords, open roads, change karmic contracts

Clears energetic interferences / blocks
Restores the Merkaba Energy Field
Restores physical, mental, astral
DNA Repair
Clears depression, loneliness, anxiety, and calms an overactive mind

Assists in healing physical illness
Helps with fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, pulmonary issues,
respiratory issues, sinusitis and colds

Helps balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain

Helps with the nervous system, PTSD Post traumatic Stress Disorder 

Helps with Migraine Headaches, Irritability, Hypertension,& Insomnia

Helps the lungs, kidney & liver
Helps with inflammation & menstrual pain

Helps people or animals transition

Clears energetic space, sealing and protecting, closing points of high activity,clearing objects & sealinging mirrors, etc.

Book a session for a unique Quantum Healing Experience.  

To cleanse a space, email: for pricing.  Cost is usually $350+ for 900 square feet. You will need to supply a copy of the floor plan for testing the space. 

Light Therapy Remote

Light Therapy in Person